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Since 2010, Grace Community Church of Frederick (GCC) has been partnering with Food for the Hungry (FH) working in the Belladere region of Haiti. Much of our work has been concentrated in the community of Toy-Toye. Our partnership has involved sponsoring children, training and discipling pastors, annual missions trips, and developing fair-trade coffee. We have seen a tremendous impact in individuals lives and in the community where we are working. But our work is not yet finished. We are being called to building a school.

Building a School

Education is one the biggest drivers of moving individuals and communities out of poverty. We want to help the people of Toy-Toye by building a school that can meet the needs of the community and make a lasting impact for generations to come.

Our goal is to impact generations
of Haitians by building and equipping a
school in the community of Toy-Toye.





Why Toy-Toye?

Toy-Toye is a beautiful community located high in the mountains, around 3,500 feet above sea-level, and about 10 miles from the city center of Belladere. With rocky terrain, major elevation changes, and a long distance from the city center there is little development in the community. 

Toy-Toye lacks public or private schools, instead there are a number of small community schools. Community schools receive no government funding and are staffed by individuals with little to no education themselves.

Most community schools are a single room with only one or two teachers to over 100 children of different ages, grades, and proficiency levels. The facilities severely inhibit the ability of children to learn. You can see pictures of a community school in Toy-Toye below.

A survey done by Food for Hungry found that only 15% of families in the community have confidence in the education system. As a result, only 17% of children are enrolled in school. Given the low enrollment in school, Food for the Hungry's long-term strategy in the region to enhance access to quality education through improved infrastructure and teacher training.

 A community school in Toy-Toye

A community school in Toy-Toye

 Inside of a community school in Toy-Toye

Inside of a community school in Toy-Toye

Plan for the School

Our plan is to build a 9 classroom school in the community of Toy-Toye. The school would focus on primary education. The goal is to have at a minimum 400 children enrolled in the school. The building would also also serve as a training and community center. Additionally, Food for the Hungry is working with the local government to have the school be the first ever public school in the community. 

A community member has donated land for school and construction can begin immediately. The plan is to break ground on the school when a GCC team visits Haiti in the summer of 2017.

Provide below are architectural drawings of the school.

Construction will be overseen by FH and done by community members, providing job opportunities for builders. It is anticipated that construction will take approximately one year. The goal is to have the school finished by September of 2018 for the start of the new school year. 

To complete the school, we need to raise $100,000. Construction is anticipated to cost around $78,000 and remaining funds raised will be used for teacher training and equipping the school with necessary supplies, such as desks, chairs, education materials, etc. Funds raised above this amount will go to further expanding the school. Construction will take place as funding for the school becomes available.

We Need Your Support! 

Help us Build the School!

This school will only be built through the generous support of people like you.


Every dollar you donate goes directly to the construction of the school. All donations are tax deductible.

There are two ways to donate: 

1. You can donate online at the link below. You can set-up a single payment or reoccurring payments. Select "Haiti School" as the Giving Type. 

2. You can mail a check to:

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Write "Haiti School" on the memo line. 

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